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BBC Breakfast

Recently, BBC Breakfast explored how Jo Slater and Lindsey Burrow have supported their husbands through their life-changing MND diagnoses.

Ed and Rob had the opportunity to thank their partners for all the work they do to help them. As well as their children being able to proudly talk about their superstar mums. The video is a touching tribute to two amazing women who continue to support their partners physically and emotionally while handling the everyday challenges of motherhood.

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Rugby Relay – The longest try

A charity relay run featuring rugby union players from nine clubs kicked off on Friday 11 August to raise money in the fight against motor neurone disease (MND).

Starting at Winchester FC, The Longest Try saw runners from each club complete a 15-mile stretch before passing the ball to the next club in line. After two days and a huge number of relay runners, the ball arrived at Twickenham Stadium in time for the final runner to score a try in front of crowds gathering for the England v Wales World Cup warm-up match.

The event was held in support of the MND Association, the Gloucester Rugby Foundation in its support of Ed, and the Wasps Legends Charitable Foundation in celebration of the life of Paul Rendall.

Paul Rendall, a former England World Cup prop known as ‘the Judge’, passed away from MND in June 2023.

Fundraising update

Thanks to the kindness of more than 7,200 people, the 4Ed Fund has now raised more than £253,500 to help support Ed and his family.

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We will continue to keep you updated on Ed and the support efforts from around the community. Thank you to everyone that has helped Ed. Whether that is through donations, fundraising efforts or even sharing his story, it is very much appreciated.