Bespoke financial planning

As Independent Financial Planners, we work with you to set goals for your future and then help you to achieve them.

Maybe you want to be mortgage free before you finish playing.

Perhaps you would like to set up a business to start your post-rugby career or would like to better manage the income from current business interests.

Or it could be that you intend to stay in rugby, have a career break as you train as a coach or adviser?

Whatever your plans, we are here to help you to achieve them, through bespoke, personal, independent financial advice.

We will show you the level of funds required to meet your exact goals and then we will help you to organise your income, expenditure, investments, pensions, and savings to ensure those goals are achieved.

We use technology to help you to pursue your financial goals. Our innovative Insight portal and mobile app is available to all clients and helps you to review your entire financial life all in one place.

You already know what success on the field of play feels like. Working with DBL means that you can experience that same feeling in your future life and career.

Organising your finances now can help you to make a smooth transition to your life after rugby, as you enter the next exciting stage of your career.

Our 5 stage process



It is important that we get to know who you are, your circumstances and what you wish to achieve through financial planning and wealth management. It is just as important for you to get know us, so you feel confident in trusting us to provide you with advice and guidance.

Without future commitment from either party we are always happy to have an initial meeting at our expense, where we shall listen whilst you tell us more about you current situation and what you wish to achieve. Also we shall answer any questions you may have about the way we work and what you can expect from working with us.


Research and planning

When we feel we understand your goals and expectations, we shall head off to do the hard work for you. Our expert team will research the best options and formulate a plan that is aligned to your needs and goals. We may come up with a number of options which can be discussed further. This is just the start of us ensuring that your money is working as hard as possible for you.



When we have finished our research for you, we shall meet to discuss our findings and make firmer plans for your financial future. These will be explained as to how they will work in the long and short term. We can do this in person or in a written report: whichever is best for you.

In the recommendations we shall provide details of your existing financial position and any financial products you may have, such as pensions, ISAs, life assurance, collectives or investment bonds. We shall comment on these and provide details of how we think your situation could be improved, both in terms of financial products and in relation to the wider areas of financial planning, such as providing options for retirement. It will be a report that is specific to you, reflecting your goals in life.



At this stage we take the plans we have recommended previously and implement them. Following our discussion there may have been changes to our original proposals, and a financial plan which you understand and with which you are entirely comfortable will be implemented.

We make sure your finances are in order and set up any new investments or other financial products we have agreed are suitable. Our aim is to give you peace of mind in your financial future.



It is important for us both that the plans we put in place continue to be suitable for you and your life goals. As circumstances may change, we shall review your plans regularly with you and make changes if and when they are required. Of course, in the meantime, we are always happy for you to contact us.

What our clients say

As a professional sportsman, it is vital to be able to focus upon my sport, with as few distractions as possible. DBL Asset Management take care of all my financial matters, so they never become a distraction to me. I have trust and confidence in the way they operate and work to maximise my interests. This is vital to me, meaning I can get on with my job, safe in the knowledge that DBL are working hard on my behalf.

Stephen Borthwick

Through my professional career DBL have helped look after my financial interests with a service above and beyond the level I originally expected. All my questions, big and small, regarding the present and the future have been answered swiftly and thoroughly in terms I can understand yet without any of the detail left out. This allows me to continue focusing on my career, trusting that DBL have my financial interests looked after.

Dan Cole

DBL was recommended to me a few years ago and I am so glad they were! For someone who had no real experience of financial planning, Dacre and his team have been of amazing value to me and my family.
DBL have explained matters in clear and concise ways, whilst always having my best interests at heart.

Their approach to financial planning has allowed me to concentrate on Rugby knowing that my long term financial goals are being cared for.

Joe Launchbury

DBL have given me a way to concentrate on rugby, safe in the knowledge that my financial affairs and future planning are being handled in an honest and upfront manner. I would recommend their company to anyone looking for someone to trust with important financial matters, all operated in a friendly way.

Geoff Parling

Over many years I have built up a great relationship with DBL Asset Management. Their approach to managing my long and short term financial goals is refreshing and professional. This allows me to get on playing my sport safe in the knowledge that DBL are looking after my best interests.

Mathew Tait

I only wish I met Dacre earlier on in my career. I first sought financial planning advice from Dacre and DBL when I was 23. Since then I feel I have continued to meet my financial objectives covering image rights, pension, player protection, life insurance and much more. I want to make sure my transition from rugby into my next career is as smooth as possible. I hope this day is a long way off but planning financially for it is essential. With two young kids it is really important to try and give them the best opportunities and start in life. I would love to be able to provide them with a good education and this is something Dacre and DBL are already planning for. I would recommend Dacre and DBL to anyone who is looking to plan for the future and be in control of their finances regardless of what tomorrow brings.

Ben Youngs

I have been a client of DBL Asset Management for a short while but during this time I have found the team most helpful with all aspects of my finances. They have a very professional approach in the way that they deal with any queries I may have and treat everything with the greatest of confidentiality. This is very much appreciated. I very much look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Tom Youngs

I was first introduced to Dacre several years ago and quickly developed both a professional and personal relationship with him. With my best interests at heart, he is always on the end of the phone and goes way beyond what you would normally expect from a financial advisor. He has gone out of his way on several occasions when there has been no financial incentive for him to do so, purely to make sure I am fully protected or getting the best deal for myself. I will continue to use him throughout my career to help prepare me for life after rugby. I can’t recommend him enough.

Tom Brady

Before I met Dacre I had already had a couple of financial advisers who just seemed to give minimal advice and struggled to put a proper plan in place for the future. I then joined up with Dacre and he quickly put a comprehensive plan in to place to help me and my family plan for our future for life after rugby. He also helped me get playing insurance and sorted out my pension. Dacre is my first point of contact for any financial questions I have and I would recommend him and DBL to anyone.

Jordan Crane

DBL Asset Management have been a big help to me since becoming a professional sportsman at 18. They have helped me to plan short and long term goals enabling me to start planning for my future after rugby. The service DBL provides is friendly and professional and the advice I have received is second to none. I have full confidence that my relationship with DBL will continue for the foreseeable future.

James Gaskell

It’s been a huge weight off my mind having Dacre advise and help me with my finances. It’s allowed me to be able to fully focus on the rugby. I’ve been hugely impressed by the services they offer. They are extremely professional whilst also maintaining a very personal touch. A great team.

Kai Horstmann

I have been working with DBL for many years now and having recently gone through the transition from playing to coaching I have seen the true benefits of the financial planning which they have steered me through. The change can be a sudden and scary one and with a young family there is no time for feeling sorry for yourself. I am very grateful to DBL for making sure I was in the best position possible and I look forward to working with them for years to come.

George Skivington

DBL Asset Management has proved invaluable to me through recent years taking care of both my short term financial needs and mid to long term financial goals. This planning has greatly aided what can be a difficult transition away from professional sport. The combination of professionalism and a personal approach has been refreshing and the relationship is one which I am sure will continue for many years.

Ben Woods