As we stand facing a bright future, there is plenty to look forward to. Whilst, the world at large may not be at its most predictable, there is plenty to be positive about. At the time of writing, the data is showing that the UK is seeing the benefits of a widespread vaccination programme. Many businesses are now able to function at a capacity closer to normal, and mid-term plans may be back on the agenda. In the words of Francois Balloux, the Director of the Genetics Institute at University College, London, “we are seeing lights at the end of the tunnel”.

In the spirit of not getting ahead of ourselves, however, now seems as good a time as any, to reassert the basics and the importance of planning ahead. For this Benchmark release, we are focussing on learning from experience and how building foundations are important for a successful future. We will look at the difference between short-term, medium-term and long-term goals and how to implement them. We will shine a spotlight on retirement planning and the importance of really understanding cash flow, when it comes to managing your finances.

We have also included an interview with Rugby Union legend and British and Irish Lion, Dan Cole. Having been a client of DBL for a long time now, Dan provides us with a great insight into how the importance of long-term planning is part and parcel of a sports professional’s career, and the ways in which it has allowed him to develop a freedom of choice. Many of Dan’s insights are applicable, whether or not you find yourself in the world of sports, and we encourage you to think about how they might apply to your own circumstances.

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