Cruises are hugely popular ways to travel, with Statista reporting that there were going to be an estimated 31.5 million cruise passengers in 2023, when data was last available.

Taking the time to go on a cruise during your career can be difficult. While there are some shorter routes you can take in the span of a standard one- or two-week holiday, others can last for weeks or even months.

So, as you approach the end of your working life and start transitioning into retirement, a cruise can provide a fantastic option for travelling.

You can visit multiple locations on a single trip, sailing the oceans from the lap of luxury with all the entertainment and culinary delights you could ask for.

Here are five luxury cruise routes that you could explore during your retirement.

1. 7-day Caribbean cruise, Norwegian Cruise Line

The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful parts of the entire world, associated with gorgeous white sand beaches, sunshine, and delicious food.

You can take a seven-day cruise around the region with Norwegian Cruise Line, presenting a good option if you have yet to try a cruise and want to dip your toe into ocean-faring holidaymaking without spending weeks at sea on your first time.

The cruise line offers a variety of journeys this year, with cruises calling in St Lucia, Barbados, and the US Virgin Islands among others, or Aruba, Curaçao, and the Dominican Republic on another journey.

On board, you can enjoy an assortment of bars, lounges, and restaurants. There are also activities that can appeal to all tastes, ranging from a climbing wall and bowling to spa treatments and shopping.

2. Antarctic cruise, Seabourn

Cruise line company Seabourn offers a range of cruises around one of the most interesting parts of the planet: the Antarctic.

Starting from South America, you can travel from as little as 11 days to the frozen region, or up to 45 days, with a trip up to the Amazon rainforest on the longer journey.

There are delicious restaurant and in-suite dining options, as well as bars and lounges. If you choose the 40-day cruise onboard the Seabourn Venture, you will also be able to enjoy the Constellation Lounge and its incredible 270-degree panoramic view of the incredible frozen landscapes and dense Amazonian forests.

So, if you want to follow in the footsteps of Scott and Shackleton in luxurious style, this could be a great opportunity.

3. European cruises, Silversea

Of course, it is not necessary to travel as far as the Caribbean or Antarctic to enjoy an incredible cruise. Indeed, Europe is home to many luxury cruise routes to explore.

Silversea offers a range of cruises across northern Europe, running for various lengths. You can travel from Southampton to New York for 47 days with stops in cities such as Rouen, Amsterdam, and Hamburg, as well as in Scandinavia.

Or, if you would prefer a length of between two weeks and a month, there are various different options, including:

  • Lisbon to Southampton (9 days)
  • Portsmouth to Reykjavik (14 days)
  • Southampton to Copenhagen (22 days)

So, if your priority is exploring the culture and architecture of European cities, why not do so from the opulence of a luxury cabin on the water?

4. World round trip from Liverpool, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

If you like the idea of seeing as many places as possible, and you have no time constraints for your cruise, you might like the idea of seeing the world from the deck of a luxury cruise liner.

There are various different round-the-world cruises, and Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines offers a 110-day option departing from Liverpool. Travelling straight down and around South America, it then takes you west through the Pacific islands through to Australia and back home via Africa and western Europe.

On board, you will get to enjoy food and drink from the regions you visit, as well as spa and wellness facilities, deck games, and fantastic entertainment in the form of theatre, music, and dance.

With the number of places you will visit and all the entertainment at your fingertips, you could never claim to have nothing to do throughout this trip.

5. World round trip from Los Angeles, Princess

The Princess world cruise from Los Angeles is an incredible opportunity to see as much of the world as possible in a single trip.

The 2024 version of this cruise was 111 days, and in 2025 Princess will run its longest-ever voyage, travelling for a hugely impressive 116 days.  

On this trip, you will cover 51 destinations in 26 countries across six continents aboard the Island Princess, a 92,822-tonne cruise liner that can carry 2,200 lower berth guests. 

There are 48 ports to explore on this cruise, with stops in New Zealand, Singapore, Egypt, Greece, Mexico, and many more between.

As you travel, enjoy everything from Italian cuisine to a steakhouse, as well as a café for an afternoon coffee and even an on-board patisserie.  

You can then unwind with a range of spa and rejuvenation exercises, or head to one of the many activities and entertainment options, including:

  • A Vegas-style casino
  • Movies and musical productions
  • Guest entertainers
  • A sports court for basketball, volleyball, and tennis
  • The “Princess Links”, a putting course you can take on in the middle of the ocean.

This cruise really is a way to travel the whole world in style.

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