We recently sent out a client survey to gain an insight into your thoughts and feelings about the service we provide. As promised, we are sharing the survey results with you and what changes we will make where necessary.

  • Of those who completed the survey, we are delighted to say that:
    97.78% of clients believe that working with us has helped or will help them to achieve their financial goals
  • 97.87% of clients would recommend us to their friends, family or colleagues.

We are delighted that so many of our clients would feel comfortable recommending us to their friends and family. However, while we are ecstatic that the massive majority of our clients would recommend us, it would be fantastic to get to 100%. So, if there is anything we can do to help you feel more comfortable recommending us, please let us know, and we will take your suggestions on board.

Also, we would like to take a moment to thank those of you who have recommended us, especially in the last 12 months. Recommendations are not only a touching endorsement of the service we provide, but they are also extremely useful to the growth of our business. We appreciate your trust and support.

Our performance

We were pleased to see how satisfied our clients were with our performance. We are very happy to say that:

  • 93.61% of clients were satisfied with the speed of response from their adviser
  • 97.78% of clients were satisfied with the speed of response from our support team
  • 100% of clients were satisfied that we understood their needs and objectives
  • 97.78% of clients were satisfied with our communication between meetings
  • 100% of clients were satisfied with their annual reviews.

Areas of discussion

Another thing we wanted to discover from our survey was the areas of discussion that are most important to you, our clients. The topics that received the highest number of votes were:

  • The progress you are making towards your objectives and aspirations
  • Updating us on changes to your financial and personal situation
  • Discussing your long-term financial plans.

While we understand that your priorities are unique to you, it is useful to know some of the discussion areas deemed most important by our clients. This ensures that you get the most out of our working relationship. We will make sure to bear these in mind when planning our meetings going forward.

Equally, if there are any topics not mentioned here that you would like to discuss with us, don’t hesitate to let us know when we next speak.

Differences between client groups

With this survey, we wanted to discover the financial concerns of our different client groups: both those who have not yet retired, and those who have. It is useful for us to know if there were financial priorities these groups had in common or if they had their own individual concerns.

The biggest concerns for those who have not yet retired were:

  • Not having enough money to live their preferred lifestyle in retirement
  • Not having enough money to retire at their preferred retirement age
  • Their family’s financial security should anything happen to them.

Meanwhile, the biggest concerns for those who have already retired were:

  • The level of investment returns
  • Not having enough money to live their preferred lifestyle in retirement
  • The cost of care in old age.

It is interesting to see that both those before and after retirement have concerns about their lifestyle in retirement. This goes to show the importance of preparing for your future properly now, to ensure that you have the retirement you’ve always wanted.

We were also encouraged to see that many of our clients are considering the cost of care in old age, as this is an important thing to prepare for. However, if you do have concerns about the cost of care in old age, please get in touch. We can review your situation and ensure you are sufficiently prepared.

The benefits of working with DBL Asset Management

In our survey, we asked clients an open-ended question: “What is the biggest benefit you get from working with us?” We were delighted with some of the responses:

  • “Knowledge and support with a company that’s very personal. You adapt to the individual’s wants and needs.”
  • “Peace of mind that my financial affairs are regularly reviewed by capable, knowledgeable people.”
  • “Confidence that my pension pot is in safe hands, and that I have good advice when needed.”
  • “Top advice followed by invaluable help through a trying period.”

All of our team members are thrilled with the comments. It provides a huge morale boost to know that the work we do genuinely helps our clients.

We would like to thank everyone who completed our survey; your feedback has been extremely helpful.

Moving forward, we will be taking action to improve our service even more as we strive to provide the best service possible.

Get in touch

If you need advice or support with any aspect of your financial planning, then please do get in touch with us at DBL Asset Management.

Email enquiries@dbl-am.com or call 01625 529 499 to speak to us today.