What does life look like after Rugby?

What you can expect and how you can prepare for a life after a professional rugby career.

The top reasons for retirement during a rugby career

Retirement can come unexpectedly out of the blue.

A checklist of things to do after you have retired

As a sports professional, you will be used to setting sporting or physical goals. Now is the time to set personal, financial and stability goals as well.

Compare your life to a non rugby player

After Rugby there can be a huge change in lifestyle and salary.

Your questions answered

Including insights from already retired professional rugby players.

DBL Asset Management have been a big help to me since becoming a professional sportsman at 18. They have helped me to plan short and long term goals, enabling me to start planning for my future after rugby

James Gaskell

DBL’s planning has greatly aided what can be a difficult transition away from professional sport

Ben Woods